Let’s Try this Again…

Take two!

I know, I know. I didn’t do a good job of the upkeep of CFDD. I’ll admit that. I’d say that I’d write a post and never come through. Writing is soooo time consuming. In today’s fast paced world, who has the time to actually sit at a computer and type… for fun? Well, that was my mindset in 2011. College seemed to be in the driver seat and kicked everything else in my life out of the car. CFDD seemed to be the first one kicked. However, he is back in the passenger seat in 2012!

Now that I got that cheesy analogy out of the way, down to business! Let’s Talk with Frock premieres TOMORROW, Friday, on norsecoderadio.com from 12-2 PM ET. I have big things planned for 2012.. I just don’t know what they are yet. I had such a blast in 2011 on the air that I want to get more creative this time around.

If you have viewed CFDD in the past, you’ll notice that all of my previous posts are gone.. forever. It was a hard decision for me to make but after thinking about it… I didn’t really have anything of substance posted and it was causing format problems with the site itself. So I changed the format and theme for CFDD. I went for something simplistic and easy on the eyes… and free. I was shocked to see the number of ‘premium’ themes on WordPress. Themes that cost 45, 65, even 99 bucks. Being a college student, it’s obvious that I didn’t go down that route.

So here we go, Cheap Five Dollar Dress in 2012! I’m sure it will be one hell of a ride (again with the car analogy, I’m sorry!) Follow me on Twitter @ryanfinfrock and send tweets my way during my show on Fridays and we can have Tweet discussions during Let’s Talk with Frock. Or send a tweet for a show topic. Social Media is freakin’ awesome!

Signing off.


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