Frock’s Five from Summer ’12

For a college kid, you can tell when summer is coming to an end when you have tuition payments due, professors are starting to email you, and the realization that classes are less than two weeks away. Yeah, it’s coming. So what I thought I would do now since I haven’t had a show since the beginning of May, is to wrap up the top five stories from summer 2012. Looking back on it, it has definitely been an eventful summer. I’m almost depressed that I couldn’t rant about all of it on my show. But don’t worry, I’ll make the time to rant about it in one way or another.

So here it is:Frock’s Five stories from the summer of 2012!

5. President Barack Obama’s “Evolved” Stance on Gay Marriage

To be honest, I went back and forth on deciding on whether or not this story is even worth putting on the list. I say this because it had absolutely no effect on anything whatsoever. What this was, essentially, was an absolute desperate plea to strum up some votes come November. With the way the Obama re-election campaign is going, you can tell that he is trying to stray away from the economy as much as he possibly can. He knows that his record with the economy is less than stellar (and that’s putting it lightly.) So what does he do? He says that his stance on gay marriage has “evolved.” With this, nobody can accuse Romney of flip-flopping because their main guy is now guilty of this as well. As for the effect, it hasn’t shown. I guess the average voter knows where the true issues are. The ones that support the President’s new stance probably don’t even register to vote. A baseless accusation, I know, but I say it with confidence.

4. Mitt Romney’s VP Choice

As the news broke today about Mitt Romney’s choice of Vice President, I found myself with a smile on my face. His decision to pick Paul Ryan from Wisconsin is reason to celebrate. As a Tea Party favorite and man who knows how to assemble a budget and strong conservative values. It is now apparent that Mitt Romney has settled with many people who were a little on edge with his moderate tendencies (me included.) Also one of the first things to come to my mind is the Vice Presidential debate to happen in October. If you want to see entertainment, watch Joe Biden try to keep up with Ryan. It will be a slaughter. I can’t wait! Now, the Obama camp is in full attack mode trying to discredit Ryan and more than likely stretching the truth, as they are known to do. Game on, Obama. Things are about to get interesting.

3. Penn State’s Deadly, Non-Death Penalty.

-A five year probation period

-Post season bowl ban for five years

-$60 Million dollar fine to be used to fund a foundation for victim of sex abuse crimes

-Football scholarships reduced from 25 to 15

-Wins vacated from 1998 to 2011

It may not be the death penalty, but it may, in fact, be worse. The scholarships prohibit a team from growing, a bowl ban will keep recruits away, and also the fact that many people will no longer want to be associated with the University. It will be a very long time (if any) before Penn State can move on from this scandal.

2. Chic-Fil-A’s “Crazy” stance on marriage

I’ve written about this before, check out the post. But what many people don’t understand is that there is a big group of people who believe in free speech (crazy right?) Also, why do people believe that a company believing in traditional marriage is worthy of all of this ridicule? However, if you saw the appreciation of Chic-Fil-A day as anything more than people supporting free speech, you are completely missing the point.

1. Midnight Shooting in Aurora, Colorado

Everyone has heard about this story. Tragic. But using it as a way to put in more strict gun control laws is absolutely arrogant. That’s all I’ll say.

More on these topics to be talked about tomorrow (Tuesday 8/21) on the Fall premiere of Let’s Talk with Frock from 4-6 PM ET on Join the discussion on Twitter @ryanfinfrock. It will be a fun discussion and I am extremely excited to be back behind the mic.

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