Done with Finals on Finals Week… Finally

I’m exhausted. That’s a pretty good way to explain it.

The fall semester has (finally) come to an end, and I could not be happier to have a month off from school to focus on being a lazy son-of-a-gun.

It is finally time for me to sit at home for hours on end and do nothing but watch every season of Family Guy on Netflix, each McDonalds, and mastu…. I’ll stop there.

Of course, I joke. I would never watch one season of Family Guy, let alone all of them.

In all honesty, I have a lot planned for this break, especially for CFDD. I finally have time to write creatively where I don’t have to abide to strict academic guidelines to get papers done. Isn’t that the worst? I am waiting for the one day where I have a professor who says, “Alright class, I want you to write about the history of abortion cases in America. Just have at it. I’m not going to give guidelines, just do what you want and be graded on it.”

Of course, everyone would say either “I like whoring myself out there.” or “BABY KILLERS BURN IN HELL!!!” But you get my point: these guidelines that professors put in their assignments can be a little ridiculous? “You want 15 pages? Ok, I’ll give you 5 pages of substance and the rest will just be a bunch of filler and BS.” Can I just write what I think is sufficient and know that I have a solid essay? Of course not, that would be too easy.

Also, what is up with these MLA, APA, ASS formats? In the real world, how often do we actually use these formats? I work with a bunch of journalists and people who write for a living, not once have I seen someone use “proper MLA  format” for anything. So what’s the point? I’m dying to know.

How about a little creativity and uniqueness for us to explore while writing academic papers? Are we completely devoid of individual identity to the point where everyone has to abide by the same guidelines. That’s not what life is about. I think it’s important to dig deep inside ourselves to find where our creativity truly lies. Writing papers in college seems to be the perfect place to express that. However, when I get an assignment that says “15 pages, MLA, 20 sources, must be in the 3rd person, and be written while taking a shower” doesn’t it seem a little too, I don’t know… generic? Do I need to make the obvious Robert Frost poem reference here?

Creativity is where one shows his or her identity, as I hit on before. That’s where true learning and growth occurs. It also makes papers more enjoyable to write. Isn’t enjoying life and loving what you do the true essence of life? I know, you can only be so creative when talking about abortion and Civil Liberties without offending you reader (I almost regret making the reference earlier) but you can put your own little ‘spice’ into your paper. You then can appreciate your work more, because it is truly yours. You didn’t need to abide by strict guidelines that deter you from going off the designated path. Because that makes all the difference.

Anyway, that’s my little soapbox for now. As I studied and wrote papers for Finals Week, (yes, it’s such a big event that it needs capitalization) that’s what was on my mind a lot. I guess it’s because I picked a more creative major along with a very academic minor (electronic media and broadcasting major with a Political Science minor.) Maybe I’m in the minority with this based off of my choice of education or maybe I’m not, that’s not the point. College is about building your identity, writing papers seems to be the perfect place to build that identity. Who knew that political science could be so technical? I thought politics was pretty cut and dry.

Wrapping up, I’ll continue to write about whatever comes to mind for the next month that I have on break. Got a couple miscellaneous projects to work on, work two jobs, and celebrate Christmas with the family. Life is short, people, go out and live it! Don’t be that guy to sit on the couch, watch every season of Family Guy on Netflix, eat McDonalds and mastu… you get my point.

Take some time this holiday to reflect on the year you’ve had, where you’ve been, where you’re going, and what you’ve done. A lot of the time we tend to lose track of the important things in life and the holidays are the perfect time to reflect on what’s really important. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. It’s how we grow.

Whoa, I just got real deep there. I guess I’ll end it there.

More posts to come soon, be sure to follow me on Twitter to be up to date with Cheap Five Dollar Dress, current events, and stupid diatribes. @ryanfinfrock

Signing off.



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