It’s Summatime!!

Time to blow off the dust on CFDD because it is summertime and I have a lot planned for CFDD in the summer of 2012.

First off, I have a post in the works that talks about concussions and the real life implications of them. I know that this story has been in the news for some time now but now since the suicide of NFL great Junior Seau is said to be connected to concussions, I started paying closer attention. Why? Well, because I have had a few concussions in my lifetime and who knows what will happen down the road for me. So look for that story on Wednesday.

Also, I am getting a new laptop this summer and things will be kicked into overdrive for CFDD. Whenever the new versions of the Macbook Pros come out, you can be sure that I am getting my hands on one. This means a lot for CFDD. First thing that came to my mind was podcasting. Since Let’s Talk with Frock is off the air until the Fall, I need my weekly dose of release therapy and discussion. Podcasting is coming. Not sure what I’m going to call it yet but you can bet that it will be a very entertaining show.

So this is a quick update on the happenings at CFDD. Summertime is here and now I have some free time on my hands to dedicate to the upkeep of the blog. So stay tuned! Follow me on Twitter @ryanfinfrock and like my Facebook fan page and instantly be notified when a new post hits the web.

Also, I need some good books to read this summer. There is nothing better than sitting outside on my porch and read a good book. I’m looking for some suggested reads out there from you guys, so let me know!

So here’s to a great, safe, and entertaining summer for everyone!

Signing off

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