As I sit here… waiting…

Wake up blog! Time for a little bit of writing.

Anyway, I’m back writing on CFDD (How many times have I said this now?)

Anyway, sooooooo much has been going on in the news recently and it is driving me crazy not talking about it on LTWF. However, this post is not going to talk about that stuff, more about my anticipation for my gosh darn laptop to get into my hands!

I ordered one of those shiny new Macbook pros with the retina display last Monday.  I originally thought that it was to show up 7-10 days which would mean that tomorrow is when I were to receive it. N0. Apparently as I was putting in my order, the shipping time changed to 2-3 weeks. Yes, weeks. I called Apple to see if this were a glitch or anything but they just said I was in line and the time to wait changed as I was in line (Can I get one of those Disney fastpasses?) So now I sit here, typing on my 6 year old laptop, feeling antiquated. But I guess since I waited this long for these to come out, I can wait another week-week and a half, right?

In terms of software I am getting or thinking about getting, I was thinking of Adobe Creative Suite 6.. because it seems to be where a lot of professionals are heading towards now-a-days. I am also debating on other things to get that will help me and my possible career field. In terms of nothing relating to my major, is Diablo 3 worth picking up? I heard it looks crazy good on the retina display and was curious about it. Hmm… decisions, decisions.

Changing gears now, it looks like the first show of Let’s Talk with Frock will air sometime late August or somewhere around there. I already know what I am going to do with the first episode, so stay tuned there!

Summer podcasts are also coming as soon as my laptop comes, which now looks like June 29th at the earliest. So once I figure out that stuff and how to post it on here, I’ll let you all know.

So this is where I’ll end the post today, have to go out and make some money now that my bank account is drained.

Signing off.

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