Not the whining and bitching you may think

Just a disclaimer. I am not complaining about the results of tonight. I am merely giving my insights onto what won Obama the re-election and what will happen now, not only to our country, but to the Republican Party as well.


Entitlements. If you’ve read this blog or listen to my talk show in the past, it’s a real issue for me. Entitlements are what won Obama this election, I have no doubt about it. Fact of the matter is that there are a strong percentage of Americans (some may say 47%) who rely on the government. It’s how they’ve been raised and it’s the only way that they know, which may prove to be quite dangerous. I’m not going to go on and on about entitlements again, because I’ve talked about it enough, and it’s just beating the dead horse.

Perhaps something that may get some attention here down the road is what happens to the Republican party? This has me more concerned than the presidential race. Quite frankly, many conservatives now have lost faith in the Republican party. So look for many, many Tea Party Patriots to come out and call for their own party now because they are fed up with the two party system. Some people may argue that the Tea Party has been dead. They’re wrong, and I feel as if the Tea Party will get even stronger now because of the results. As a guy who falls in line with main Tea Party principles, I find this very likely.

In terms of the Senate, it was a bigger blow to Republicans (if that is even possible.) Many senate seats were given to their Democratic opponents. Included Elizabeth (Fauxcahontis) Warren over Scott Brown, Sherrod Brown over Josh Mandel in my home state of Ohio (Mandel was a candidate I really rallied behind.) Mourdock and Akin lost in Indiana and Missouri because they like rape, apparently. The Senate was a lost opportunity for Republicans but still maintain the House, with even a bigger margin now.

One thing that also really stood out to me was the passage of many marijuana and same sex marriage laws in certain states. This points to a certain change in America (whether if it’s good or bad is up to you.) But look back a few years, these type of issues would have no chance of passing. America truly is being fundamentally transformed, which can be both harmful and beneficial. No doubt ‘Occupy Mentality’ helped out with the passage of these. Don’t get me started on Occupy. For your own good, don’t get me started on Occupy.

I’m trying to stay optimistic here. I still love my country, always have and always will. Things may not have gone the way that I might have liked, but I have believe that God truly will help out in our time of need. Now we wait to see who will run in 2016 (Rubio 2016!) Look for a Biden run against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic seat, I feel like that is inevitable.

A final note to my fellow Americans, don’t get all whiney and bitchy about the results, you are fueling the fire. You also don’t get anything accomplished in doing so (I’m talking to you, Donald Trump.)

PS If you are pissed off about all of the political posts on Facebook, saying that ‘politics shouldn’t be on Facebook.’ Please, deactivate your account. These people have me more upset than the results last night. Facebook is a Social medium. People have the right to post what’s on their mind (hence why it says ‘what’s on your mind’ before you post.) If you can’t take all of the posts that you may like, you don’t believe in free speech. I could go on and get more derogatory, but I think I got the point across. But I may focus a separate post devoted to it.

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