‘Jeez, stop posting stuff on Facebook!!!!’

This has been an interesting week to be looking at Facebook. I think you and I can agree on that fully. The Presidential election provided people the great opportunity to be able to post their thoughts, opinions, disgrace, approval, jubilation, etc. Being the diverse country we are, full of varying races, ethnicities, language, opinions, and lifestyles, I find social mediums such as Facebook to be great outlets for everyone to voice what they may have to say, even if I do find myself in disagreement with them. However, I find myself in the very, very small minority here it seems like.

As much as I did not like the results of the election this past week, I was even more disgruntled at the type of things people were posting on Facebook. There were certain people (and I can guarantee you saw these people too) that wanted people to quit posting their political opinions onto a social network. I can hear those people reading this post right now: “Well, that’s my own opinion! You are preaching about how you like seeing varying opinions on Facebook, I am voicing mine.” To them I say, try Cuba, that country will be perfect for you, no really, go.

I have been in love with social media ever since High School. It is a great way to interact with people you do not see on a daily basis, get to know new people, and stay in touch with family from out of town. However, as I began to grow, in both mind and spirit, I found social media to be a great medium to voice my opinions and have spirited debate to those who may not see eye to eye with me… and there are quite a few who don’t, I found out (shocking!) But there are always those people who say certain opinions should stay off of Facebook. “Politics should stay off of Facebook!” is what they normally say. I just normally laugh and go about my day. A social medium should never be censored by anyone. If you don’t like what someone may be posting on Facebook, I refer you to the second paragraph. Really, I heard it’s nice there.

As a side note: there are certain things I will never post on Facebook because it becomes too controversial and my Facebook will end up being blown up by people who disagree. Some of these topics include: abortion, gay marriage, and marijuana just to name a few. These topics are different in the fact that I feel like people are too passionate about their position and will fight hard if you happen to disagree. I have my opinions on these, and talk about some of them on my blog, but not as a Facebook post. It’s a personal preference of mine.

The point that I’m trying to make here is that someone’s thought on Facebook should be there. It’s one of the most powerful things of social media: being able to voice your opinion, connect with those who agree, and have spirited debate with those who do not agree with you. Don’t go onto Facebook thinking your demand to limit someone’s free speech will get you anywhere. It won’t. I guarantee it.

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