An Apple Adventure: Part Deux

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can already imagine what people are going to say: “That’s what you get when you go Apple!” “Android is better and always will be!” “Hippie!” But let me speak, because this time, I had a much better experience.

First it was my Mac, and now my iPhone. The ‘Sleep/wake’ button (the lock button) on my iPhone was not working properly. So, with the phone being under warranty, I took it to the Apple Store. My dad quickly called it my home away from home and told me not to forget to genuflect before the genius bar and offer a sacrifice to Mr. Jobs. My dad is having way too much fun with my struggles.

I got to the mall where the Apple store is located a little early. So I decided to get the full ‘hipster’ experience and get a cup of coffee at Starbucks beforehand. Why not? Don’t judge.

I then headed into the Apple Store and I fit right in (other than the fact I was in sweatpants and a hoodie. Not the normal American Eagle attire that you see way too much of in the Apple Store.) I was extremely skeptical about what might happen once I received help (I mean, who wouldn’t if they went through what I did before?) But all of those were put to rest within the first couple of minutes meeting with my genius.

But before I get into that, I have a proud moment to share. As I sat at my table awaiting help, a gentleman was sitting next to me, fiddling with his iPhone. “What brings you in here today?” He started the conversation.

“The lock button on my iPhone isn’t working.”

“Same here, do you know what they are gonna do?”

“I’m having the same problem with my (iPhone) 4. Do you know what they’ll do?”

“If the phone’s under warranty, they’ll replace it on the spot. But if it’s not, I’m not so sure.”

He knew his phone wasn’t under warranty. It was also a company phone and they weren’t going to cover the cost of repair. So, being the kind and generous person that I am, I showed him a way to get a virtual lock bottom, he hadn’t been serviced yet by his Genius. He guy didn’t want to fork over the money for a replacement so he just took the virtual lock button, and left the Apple Store. I had done my good deed for the day.

Back on track, my genius approached me, asked what the problem was. I told him about my lock button and he said that it was no problem and replaced the phone on the spot.

Why couldn’t my mac experience be that good? While we waited for my new phone to update, I asked questions about cases and talked about media for a little bit. It was quite an enjoyable experience. Complete 180 from my Macbook incident. Maybe a phone is just less complex than a laptop, but everything went a lot smoother.

So I decided to post about this to show fairness on both sides here. My opinion on Apple customer service has definitely changed.

There are certain people who might read this and think that I’m back to living the stereotype that my dad believes I fall under. No, not in the least bit. I’m extremely happy with my Apple products and that’s just what I want.

Now, if something happens after my warranty is up… who knows what will happen…

Quick follow-up:

My mac is still working perfectly after the fix that  I wrote about before. No complaints. For some reason, the screen even looks better than what it used to.. not sure why or even if it’s actually true, but it seems like it.

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