I hate award shows. The gathering of Hollywood’s elite to worship each other and give awards to each other for movies is nothing short of vomit-inducing. Not only that but the fact that the movies that win are automatically decided to be ‘the best of the best’ is ridiculous. I get flack from people I know all the time for ‘going against the grain’ when it comes to movies. I am the kind of guy who will point out some of the smallest flaws in a film and say that it ruined the film and made it terrible. Yes, some of this is hyperbole and just to get a reaction from people but there is also some truth to it. A lot of people I know look at what wins best picture and think that its a good movie no matter what with no varying opinion of their own. Where’s the variety? Yes, the movies that win are good in their own way. However, there have been numerous times where I (and I’m sure you) have watched a film and wondered: “How the hell did that win best picture?”

I’m looking at you, Birdman and No Country for Old Men…

That’s why award shows suck.

That’s not to say the movies or TV shows aren’t good… it’s just a matter of having your own opinion on it and not taking a few people’s opinions as gospel when it comes to the best of the best. Let’s all like what we like and accept it and not let the Hollywood elite tell us what’s good… how does that sound?

Rolling in the Streep

That leads me to my first story of the day: Meryl Streep.

Is there some kind of law in place that allows Meryl Streep to speak her mind at every award show? I understand, if it were a law, that she has earned the honor but I would like clarification on the matter. That’s just a side note to the story that you’ve inevitably heard about by now: her speech at the Golden Globes last night:

It’s no secret that Hollywood is notorious (not sure that’s the right word to use but I’ll use it for sake of argument) for using a stage such as this to push a message like this. People, as you may guess, were upset at her message. My response is: there are many other things right now to be worried about and what she said really wasn’t all that bad.

Ok, ok, ok… before you start getting on my case about it let’s put it into perspective. It’s Meryl Streep, she’s done this stuff before. Also, she really was only telling the press to do their job to hold Trump accountable during his administration and how we all come from different backgrounds. Finally, she gave a (at least it seemed like) heartfelt moment about Trump’s mocking of a disabled New York Times Reporter which is something a lot of people are passionate about. She wasn’t on the stage bashing on Trump and just laying into him every second.

Trump, on the other hand, made it personal later that night when he called Streep overrated:


Oops… sorry, that was from a 2015 Hollywood Reporter article where he praised the actress.

There you go… that fits the new Trump narrative. The best way to win a debate is by name calling. I wish I were joking… but a man just one the Presidency by doing so.

To sum it up, let the Meryl Streep stuff go. She’ll do her thing and Hollywood will do their thing too. Just remember, if you voted for Trump, that you should never say that Streep (or anyone in Hollywood) shouldn’t talk about politics because she is a rich celebrity.

I still hate award shows…

Playing the Press

One of the more interesting things to happen this week is the beginning of Trump’s cabinet confirmations. There are a number of confirmations that many think may face stiff opposition. Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson will be the biggest obstacle for the Trump Administration as he faces Senate hearings. His apparent close ties with Russia worry many of those in Congress (for obvious reasons.) His will be the closest to watch in the coming days. However, Trump is doing something very smart to help take away from the almost inevitable controversy surrounding his cabinet hearings: holding a press conference.

This move is genius because it takes the press’s attention away from the hearing for a little bit (press conference is scheduled for 11am ET on Wednesday) and focus on that and not worry as much about the hearings. How much resources are needed to dedicate to the hearings and press conference? Well.. on the most recent podcast episode of Politico’s Nerdcast, they said they will be scattered all around and be loaded on Wednesday. For a large publication like Politico, that is saying a lot. Trump’s team knows this and used it to their advantage. It will be 167 days since his last press conference and he will have the record for longest streak for a President-elect. President Obama will have his final speech tomorrow… another reason why Trump his having his on Wednesday. Say what you want about Trump, the guy knows how to work around the press which, at least to me, is very dangerous.

An Apple Adventure… part 3.

Ok, I know I was going to have a review of my Apple Watch up this past weekend but that obviously didn’t happen. I rewrote that thing three times before I realized that I didn’t really like what I was writing about. So here is just a real quick rundown of how I like my Apple Watch:

It’s good.

Ok, here’s a little more information. As someone who is becoming an everyday runner, this watch has helped me keep track of my pace, keep track of my goals and given me a schedule to push me harder to become a better runner and as a result be in better shape. That is partly due to the Nike Run Club app’s integration into the Apple Watch (I got the Nike+ Edition.) The Nike Run Club app is perfect if you are trying to get running or want to become a better runner and highly recommend it (and you don’t need the watch to get running.)


All you have to do is hit start on the watch and start running.. it’s that easy. It will keep track of your time, mile time, distance, and heart rate. The built-in GPS on the watch also helps track elevation and will show you your route when you finish your run. Pretty nifty stuff.

Also, the activity tracking on the watch (not Nike related) is something that I’ve started to obsess over… which is a pretty good thing.. at least for my health.


When you set up your watch, you are asked to input your height and weight and your normal day of exercise. The watch will then give you goals to hit every day. To start, mine were 400 active calories, 30 minutes of exercise and stand one minute per hour for 12 hours. Once I started hitting those goals easily, it gave me a recommendation to increase my move goal to 640 calories. It pushes me just enough to get more active and it has already shown results.

I’ve never worn a watch before I got the Apple Watch. It’s not something I ever thought I’d ever wear. However, I think I’ll be a watch guy for the rest of my life.

As an added bonus… I’m no longer ‘that guy’ who is constantly pulling out his phone and checking stuff every 5 seconds. I get all my notifications on my phone and will pull out my phone when I see an important email or text notification pop up. It’s quite the convenience.

I’ve always been an Apple guy. I’ve had great experiences with them except that one time… oh and that other time. I have a Mac, iPad, iPhone and now Watch. I’m fully in the Apple ecosystem now… so feel free to ridicule me however you want.

That wraps up the Brief for the day. I’ll be back Wednesday probably covering the Trump presser and any other news that happens. Thursday night into early Friday morning I will be watching the Nintendo press conference as they unveil details on their new console, the Switch. I’ll have something written up on Brashgames.com after the event covering the event in detail and will probably post more personal feelings about all of it here some time later that night or Friday.

Thanks for taking the time to read today’s blog, let me know what you like or didn’t like. Also, let me know what you want to see talked about!


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