Michael Sam: Why equal rights doesn’t seem to be equal

Guy, I have an announcement to make: I’m straight.

In the wake of all of the hoopla surrounding Michael Sam probably becoming the first openly gay NFL player, it made me reflect on how the media and equal rights activists are approaching this situation.

ESPN is having a field day covering every possible angle to this story. They’ve interviewed Sam, coaches, NFL players, people who don’t agree with homosexuality, and their mothers. Through all of this, I can’t help but think: is this what the equal rights movement wants? Aren’t we passed the point where we make a big deal when some celebrity or athlete comes out? Making these individuals special by giving them increased coverage doesn’t make this movement equal. If the average joe came out as homosexual, shouldn’t he or she get the same coverage? If it were, when someone announced that he or she is straight, they should receive the same amount of coverage. Am I the only one that sees the sense behind this?

Now, I’m not bashing on Michael Smith, or homosexuality. You can have your opinion, and I’ll have mine. But when talking equal rights, shouldn’t it be…well, equal? Putting a man on a pedestal for being the first to come out (when, undoubtedly, there are more out there, including current players) doesn’t do much to promote the movement, especially when the majority of people speaking out are in favor of Sam’s gender preference. It basically just states, “Hey, I’m here, look at me!”

I’m curious to see what people think about this issue. Send a tweet my way @ryanfinfrock and let’s debate it. Let’s enlighten each other.

This was just a short post to ignite debate. Let’s me know what you think and this may spark a bigger post in the future.

Signing off.

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