“… When I’m free to be just what I wanna be”

My apologies for making you watch that video… but damn is that catchy… and terrible.

You may have noticed that they layout of CFDD has changed a little bit. This is the new, but temporary layout of my blog until my new layout is finalized (Something that I’ve worked on myself.) I’m excited to get that up and give my blog a new flavor and add more content.

As soon as that goes live (No date set yet) I plan on posting more on pretty much everything I want. I’ve also been experimenting with some podcast stuff which I’m real excited about.

I know all of this is ambitious, but it’s almost summer vacation for this college student (just one more year left of college life!) but I hope it all comes together perfectly.

Anyway, how about my take on a few headlines:

A controversial film covering the life of notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell is trying to crowdfund. They quickly raised $1.4 million (which broke some kind of record apparently.) They plan on looking on this man’s methods and cover the lack of media coverage in this case. They claim they were more focused on issues such as Jodi Arias and not a mass murderer (Of course, your opinion may vary.) But I’m curious, here’s a link to the Indiegogo campaign of the Gosnell movie and let me know what you think of it.

I’m missing a clever line to describe Malaysian Flight 370.

Donald Sterling decided to hate on people who look like his girlfriend and is still a billionaire.

I thought I would come up with more headlines, but like Malaysia Flight 370, they’re gone.

Look for some more stuff in the future here on Cheap Five Dollar Dress. New layout, new features, new everything. I’m excited with how everything is coming together.

As always follow me on Twitter for frequent updates @ryanfinfrock.


Signing off.



It’s summer time… and isn’t it great.

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