Bent Smartphones are nothing new, but since it’s an iPhone, everyone pays attention

So, I can hear the arguments now: “Android phones don’t have this problem.” “This is just another reason to not go with Apple!” “Android phones don’t bend!” Just read this post and reserve judgement to the end. 


STOP THE PRESSES! We just figured out that when you put an iPhone 6 in your pocket, it can bend! We need to let everyone know!!

If this news were anything.. well… new, it may be a bigger deal than it actually is.

The fact of the matter is that bent smartphones, not just iPhones, have a history of bending.

Take a look (Special thanks to Buster Hein for the images):

Here is the Blackberry Q10:





Even the much older iPhone 4:



The Sony Xperia:


And Apple’s biggest rival: Samsung Galaxy S4:



So why all of the sudden do bent smartphones make the news? Well, I believe the news comes from the Apple brand. It goes without questioning that the Apple brand comes with a certain intrigue and expectation. There’s a reason why millions of people tune in from around the world to watch Apple unveil their latest creation. They have come love the products that Apple comes out with. They love the quality and operation of the tech. When something wrong happens.. people take notice.

So this news is a testament to the Apple brand. Smartphone have a history of bending, but it took the latest iPhone (granted much thinner than previous iterations) for people to actually make the issue mainstream. The Apple brand is truly the most powerful name in technology.

How widespread this issue is… who really knows. Look for bending tests to become a main component when it comes to reviewing new smartphones.

Also, don’t be stupid and put the phone in the back pocket of your jeans.. you’ll sit on your phone… and it will bend and break… duh.

I didn’t want to make this a post about the iOS vs Android battle, nothing really comes from those arguments. I simply wanted to let it be known that bent smartphones have been happening for some time now.

As phones continue to get thinner and thinner, this problem will continue. You know what might help? Stop making smartphones so damn big. This “phablet” fad needs to end. You want a big, mobile screen? Get a tablet.


Signing off.

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