Look Here! More Apple Stuff!!!

Well, here we go again! Another Apple event and another blog post of me talking about the Apple event. I find that talking about Apple products is real easy to do and can lead to some interesting discussions. So let the Apple fanboy-ing begin!

In regard to the new iPads, a much expected feature, Touch-ID, is now on the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. This was possibly the biggest given coming into the event today. I recently was able to use Touch-ID with my new iPhone 6 for the first time and it does make a huge difference. I wish my iPad Air 1 had it, it’s really my only gripe about my iPad. Perhaps the feature I am curious to see in action is the removal of the air gap. The air gap is the space between the glass and the actual display. It is meant to help protect the display from damage. With the removal of this air gap, it (in theory) will provide better response times and a much better display while making the iPad thinner. My iPad Air is already extremely thin, so having a thinner iPad is kind of mind-boggling. I’ve already seen numerous tweets questioning how easy it is for the new iPad to bend.

What I found interesting is how Apple treated the unveiling of the new iPad Mini. It has all of the functions of the iPad Air 2 in a smaller size. However, it does make sense since the introduction of the iPhone 6 Plus with is only about 2 inches smaller and has more functions. It’ll be interesting how Apple treats the iPad Mini going forward and how much they plan on using the iPhone to phase it out. Because for some reason, people really like bigger phones… people are nuts.


One thing that was missing that some people were expecting was the introduction of an iPad Pro. Basically, this would be a 12-inch iPad. This never made sense to me until I started seeing how Microsoft was able to make it work with its Surface 3 tablet. I could see Apple taking a page out of Microsoft’s playbook and combining the iPad and Macbook Air into one product. It may give Microsoft a victory but I feel Apple would be able to make their iPad Pro much functional and user friendly. I expect Apple to unveil something like that in the future.

This picture doesn't do the display any justice.
This picture doesn’t do the display any justice.

Apple has always been at the forefront of technology when it comes to their Mac products. The Macbook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro has always continued to create new ways for users to experience the desktop. When I bought my first Macbook Pro, a Mid-2012 Retina model, it was unlike anything I have ever used and I was immediately a fan of Apple products going forward. Today, Apple is making it very hard to not buy a new iMac. The new iMac features a 5K display. A fully-functional computer with a 5K display, all starting at $2499. This is an insanely good bargain if you know anything about displays and the costs of other Mac products. Even 4K displays are going for at least 3 grand. This was by-far the best news of the day from Apple. Most people go goo-goo over iPhones and iPads, I prefer to see what Apple reveals in its desktop/laptop line. However, a 2GB GPU for that display is worrying me a little bit. I’m not sure how well that GPU can handle the work load it will need to endure. I priced a 5K iMac with a 4GB GPU and 16GB of RAM and came out to just over $3,000. If you edit a ton of photos and video, and don’t want to work on a trash can (See Mac Pro,) this is the bomb.

Apple Pay is something that interests me, but with all those security risks around, I’ll wait for it to be used a few days or weeks before I decide to start using. I also don’t know if it will be widely available in my area.


OS X Yosemite was something that I’ve been excited about since it was announced. Being able to answer phone calls and send SMS messages is a cool feature. Also, being able to start work on my Mac and moving it over to my iPad or iPhone will be a very handy feature, especially for being a college student. It also makes the interface more iOS7-like and notification center supports widgets. At the time of this posting, I am downloading Yosemite. I’ll have a review after I play around with it for a little bit.

It was a beautiful day in nerd paradise. iPhone 6 and OS X Yosemite reviews are in the works. Stay tuned here to cheapfivedollardress.com and follow me on Twitter @ryanfinfrock.

I’m also following the #gamergate situation pretty closely. This internet grassroots movement has received a lot of press recently. I’m working on something for that too.

Signing off.

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