My last post was in October of 2014. That is quite a long time between posts. So the obvious question becomes: What the hell happened? I will answer that question… but let me start by saying some other things. All I ask is that you excuse typos and such. You’ll understand why in a bit.

Cheap Five Dollar Dress has been something that I think about almost on a daily basis. How can I make it better? Would X topic be good to write about? Should I finally fix the layout and CSS problems with the site? Should I care that not many people actually read this thing?

I’ve had a blog for almost 8 years dating back to an old blog that I had on Blogger (I’ve searched high and low… I can’t seem to find where that thing is now.) Blogging was always something that I used as a form of release therapy to allow me to vent about center issues that bugged me. It functioned well in that regard. As my writing evolved, I started writing about more topics. My trips to the Apple Store are by far my most popular posts that I have written. I found that simply talking about a life experience with added personality is what many people enjoy reading. That’s when I started to find my style of writing. It turned out to be a blend of humor, sarcasm and seriousness when the situation warranted. I had professors who ended up reading what I wrote and were curious about my thoughts on certain issues. I had my (in)famous college radio talk show Frock Talk where I expounded on topics that I covered here on the blog. That’s where I really started to find my political voice.

Politics is a weird thing with me. I love politics but I also hate that I love politics. However, through my college (and even in my high school) career, I found that not many people my age really cared about politics because everyone felt that nothing really mattered to them. I wanted to try and be a voice for people my age and try and tell them that these things do matter and have repercussions down the road. That became the focus of Frock Talk for much of its run. When the show started, the Occupy Wall Street thing was going on. If you’ve read, heard or know me, you know how I feel about that little part of history. I won’t go into it again…because that dead horse has been beaten enough.

Frock Talk had a decent run of a couple years. I eventually had to end it because of work and school commitments. I still kept in touch with those at the radio station and always thought of getting back on the airwaves (especially now during this 2016 election because…that’s a thing.) Once Frock Talk ended, Cheap Five Dollar Dress kind of faded into the background. I would post something every once and a while but the my inner passion really wasn’t there like it was when I did Frock Talk. So it continued to fade.

That brings us to today.

Since October of 2014, I’ve graduated from college (I heard it is a big achievement of some kind) with a degree in Electronic Media and Broadcasting and Political Science. That is probably the biggest positive to have happened. I also took a pretty awesome trip to Washington D.C.

Then there’s the downside.

It took me well over 4 days to finally finish this blog post. Not because of laziness, not because of work and not because of social commitments. To really understand what has happened, you need to know that I’ve had concussions… and quite a few of them.

The first one happened in the 6th grade when I was playing basketball. I was running down the court, lost my balance and slid headfirst into a wall. I was extremely lucky that day. I could have easily of been paralyzed and unable to type these words that you read right now. A 6th grader shouldn’t have to have a big life lesson like that at that age. That was the first of many concussions that carried through high school. I had to give up high school sports as a sophomore out of my own safety. New information about the long term effects of concussions really got to me and I felt that it was time to really start to look at my college and professional future. So I gave up football and lacrosse (although I still coached grade school lacrosse throughout my high school days) and turned to more broadcasting-centered activities.

So, back to today.

A couple months ago, I started getting consistently bad headaches. Headaches that won’t go away. Headaches that have a sort of baseline pain and spike in severity at random times. This has made it hard to focus on some of the things that I care about. A couple of those things are reading and writing. Two big necessities when blogging and two big necessities in my life. They also caused problems in my personal life. I became very irritable. I didn’t want to talk to anyone or see anyone. My mood began change quite frequently. I started to believe that it was me against the world. It affected me and I really believe that it affected those close to me and those that I care deeply about (whether they know about it or not.) The doctors said that the cause of these consistent headaches could be the concussions that I’ve had (and probably the most likely cause) but they cannot say with absolute certainty. All they can help with is managing the symptoms that I’ve had. I consider myself fortunate because there was a point where the doctor said that brain surgery was a possibility. I have no problem admitting that that scared the living crap out of me. I lost what little sleep I was already getting to the though of having brain surgery.

So obviously, it takes a long time for me to gather my thoughts and type words to screen. I am forced to take numerous breaks, look at nothing and just zone out to get back into the zone. I know, it’s weird to say, but that’s what happens and now you know what the hell happened to me and Cheap Five Dollar Dress.

So, enough of all of that “Debby-Downer” crap. Time to focus on what’s ahead (both in life and Cheap Five Dollar Dress.)

I’m going to try my hardest and try to post a new story at least once a week. Of course, there are a number of variables at play there, but that’s the goal. I still don’t care about how many people will end up reading it or what kind of impact it will have. It it has a positive impact and there are a lot of eyes that read it… great! But if the negative happens, I could not care less. This is fun for me.

I’m currently researching and drafting a post about the Facebook debacle about blacklisting conservative news sites from its “Trending News” feature. I won’t spoil the post but here are a couple thoughts: Facebook is free to do what it wants and the government shouldn’t step in and make them change their ways. If people are unhappy with what Facebook did (if it actually happened) then get off the site and find another social media site to go to. Let the market decide if Facebook is in the right or wrong not the government.

That’s just part of what I plan on writing about in the near future on the topic.

Also, as I alluded to earlier, the 2016 Election is a thing and I have some thoughts on it! A lot of thoughts. If you follow me on Twitter @ryanfinfrock you know what a lot of those feelings are.

I’ve also been doing as much research as I can on my own on the true impact of the media on politics. Is it as big of deal as people say it is? Is the media to blame for Donald Trump? Is the media giving all candidates a fair shot? These are the type of things that I’ve been looking into and trying to find answers to. Some of the stuff has been fascinating. Look forward to some of that stuff in the future.

I want to do a podcast. In what capacity, I don’t know yet… but I consistently think of ways to make it work. I did a podcast for a website called APGNation for a little while. We talked about video games and such. It was a lot of fun. You can listen to the last episode I did right here.

The CSS and layout of the site is kind of jacked up right now. I changed the format a while back and really haven’t taken the time to fix it. I plan on doing that over the course of the next few months.

Okay… I think it’s time to wrap this baby up, I’m nearly at 1,500 words. This post was hard for me to write for many, many reasons and is not the normal writing that I normally do on here. However, it is something that I felt that I needed to write about and to just get writing again. This is a new beginning. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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