Headaches be damned… it’s time to start writing again.

Yeah… my last post was in May. I get it. Most of my posts any more are just updates on my livelihood and how I’m going to revive the blog at that particular time, I get it. However, I feel as if this time is different because I really am starting to, how should I say it, feel like a new person.

“Why?” You might ask. Good question. Let’s dive into it… shall we?

My last post… which feels like a lifetime ago… focused on my health and the uphill climb that I was facing. I also laid out plans that I more than failed on (big surprise there.) I just reread that post from May of this year and realized how different my life was then compared to now. It’s funny how a really bad health issue allows you to really reminisce on your life. In May, I was diagnosed with a borderline Chiari malformation with the possibility of brain surgery looming over my head. I wasn’t getting any sleep, personal relationships weren’t working out, I weighed a crap ton… the list goes on and on. Life choices and health problems plagued my being and I think everyone around me noticed it but didn’t want to say anything. That’s in the past.

December 2016. Today. Boy have things changed. Let me preface this by saying I am nowhere near 100% and continue the fight every day to become a better person. After 23 years of living, making lifestyle changes is extremely difficult.

Headaches are come and go. Nowhere near as bad as they were in the past. That is thanks to a great neurologist and me taking matters into my own hands. How? Exercise and diet. In May, when I first went to the neurologist, I weighed 234 pounds. That’s pretty hefty for a guy who is only 5’6”. I was a total couch potato who ate a lot of fast food and Chinese takeout. As of writing this, I try and get out and run a couple miles each day and have cut out junk food almost entirely (a little Chinese takeout here and there… because let’s be serious, that stuff is freaking delicious.) The result so far: I weigh 199 pounds. I have to go back to high school to find the last time I was under 200 pounds. That has had an impact on a lot of aspects of my life. I have more energy throughout the day, I can stay focused longer and, most importantly, I am able to manage my headaches and migraines more effectively.

What I’m doing is not groundbreaking in the weight loss department. If you are reading this and are thinking about taking the steps of losing weight, just go out and walk a couple miles each day. Try and reach 10,000 steps each day. You’d be surprised how much that does for you. If you want to know more about what I did, don’t be afraid to reach out to me. This has been so life changing for me that I want to help whoever I can even though I am nowhere near an expert on the topic.

Another thing that I’ve started to do on a daily basis is meditation. I won’t get into details on that other than it has also helped out a ton in my life. I use the app Headspace. Give it a try. You can do 10 days free and then subscribe. I do have a month subscription I can give away to whomever is first to want it. The app is wonderful and it only takes 10-20 minutes out of morning routine every day. Reach out and whoever is first to talk to me will get the free month. Try the ten days first to see if it’s something you’d like.

In terms of writing (and the reason for the post,) I have been doing many, many drafts of posts that  I thought would be good for CFDD which obviously never saw the light of day. They were really bad. I won’t let you read them. Most of them were focused on the election. As I would continue writing, I started to realize that I am not really being original, or bring my own flavor, to the topic. I was essentially rehashing something that someone more qualified and established was already saying. I decided the best way moving forward is to just embrace it and let it evolve however it may evolve. Posts are always in the works and most will never be published. 

I always write about the day’s happenings in a notebook I keep by my bedside… which gave me an idea: put all that stuff in the blog. This will become my new “Frock Talk” from my college radio days but just in the written form. Yes, many people already do this and some do this on YouTube or other video platforms but I want to give my own spin on it and in the written form (which is kind of hard to come by these days.) I I want to talk about whatever stories I find interesting, give my take on them and talk about why that story may or may not matter in whatever context that may be.  That’s the plan starting December 12, 2016. The title of the series (?) hasn’t been figured out yet. It may turn into a video thing in conjunction with the written post if I can find an efficient way to do it. 

I will also be doing longer form stuff as well. I have my schedule figured out (for now) and figure I can do the writing thing effectively on a daily basis. Whatever else comes of it is anyone’s guess at this point. 

As always, I stay fairly active on Twitter @ryanfinfrock. That’s also where I will be pulling my stories from the day from and writing down the ones I think are the best. I am excited for the future and being able to finally be able to write more effectively. It’s all fun for me and whoever reads it is just an added bonus. Send me tweets on story ideas or whatever. I can’t wait to get things going.

I’ll also be working on the formatting of the site more… it’s still kind of a mess.

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