Yes, I did use the picture of Kate Upton to get your attention.

Yes, Kate Upton is a part of today’s brief… in a way. It’s about as much clickbait as I will ever do, so don’t worry.

I know you might also be thinking, “Well, this guy said he was going to do daily posts and already skipped one day. What a doofus.” To that I say:

Doofus… really?

Also, I donated blood platelets yesterday where I thought I could do some research and writing on my iPad. That was a huge mistake. I’ve donated blood many times but seemed to forget that when you donate blood, one arm is essentially gone for the time you are donating. That makes typing (which isn’t easy on an iPad in the first place) next to impossible. I also had to work later in the day where I was already a little out of it from the donation… so writing would have been pretty disastrous yesterday.

Anyway… on with the show.

“How to” Google things in 2016

Google released the things that Americans seemed to need the most help with in 2016 today. In a year with so much anger, frustration, sadness and confusion, I was curious to see how many Americans needed information on “How to cope” or “How to accept the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.” Actually, it turns out another phenomena took over our “how to” searches:

How to play Pokemon GO.


Yes, the mobile game hit that took over the summer also dominated Google searches. This is no surprise considering the millions of people who downloaded and played the app and the countless hours of media coverage it got as a result.

The best “how to” search of the year, and #5 on the list, is “How to move to Canada.” This is obviously as a result of the results of the Presidential Election. This is funny on a few fronts.

  1. The Canadian immigration website crashed the night of the election when it started looking like Donald Trump was going to win.
  2. If people looked at the tax rate and other aspects of living in Canada, they wouldn’t want to live in Canada.

It’s easy to say education is important in situations like this but with the amount of stupid that has happened in 2016… I’ll give this one a pass.

Also, I can’t honestly remember the last time (if ever) I Googled “how to” anything. What about you? I’m curious to know.

When you steal $4.8 million… use it wisely.

Ok… here’s where Kate Upton (kinda) comes in.

Ars Technica recently reported on a 48-year-old California man who stole $4.8 million from his company. That is hardly anything new but it is what he did with some of the money that is catching people’s attention today.

Kevin Lee Co spent money on plastic surgery, luxury box season tickets for the San Francisco 49ers (arguable the biggest waste of money) and the Sacramento Kings. Those are normal purchases though when you steal a few million dollars. There was one more thing he spent money on…

Lee Co spent $1 million of that money on the mobile game “Game of War.” That’s the game you probably know as the one with Kate Upton in the commercials. Yeah… a million dollars on a mobile game.


Here’s how money works in a mobile game like “Game of War.” You are hit with microtransactions left and right when you play games like this. In “Game of War,” you can spend money on building you castle faster, more soldiers or more money. The thing about it is that these things can be lost or destroyed by other players and that money you spent on it is wasted. This has led people to spend an average of $500 on the game while the game racks in $1 million a day.

We all have that family member (or maybe it’s even you) who has sunk many hours into Candy Crush… don’t lie to yourself.

This isn’t really anything new for the mobile gaming market but does set a weird precedent for the future of gaming. If people are willing to spend this kind of money on a  game that is free to download but then spend hundreds of dollars on things in-game, there are going to be many people who want in on the action. Although this has been happening for quite some time, I’ll be curious to see what happens in the future.

Speaking of mobile games… Super Mario Run comes out tomorrow on iOS. My body is ready to get my hands on that.

Oh yeah, Lee Co faces 20 years in prison when he is sentenced in May for his embezzlement.

Anyway, that’s where I’ll wrap things up today. I’m going to end things with a couple links from things happening in Aleppo right now. In terms of things that are most important right now, this may be damn near the top. Education yourself on this and realize what is actually happening over there right now. I don’t think it’s appropriate to give my personal take on this, so just read.


Medium Live Blog


Twitter Moments

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on today’s brief: what you liked, what you didn’t like and what you want to see. I’ll be back tomorrow writing another edition of Finny’s Daily Brief (working title.)

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