I’m back! Again! Things have gotten a little interesting over the last couple days that forced me to take a couple days off of the blog. I’m back writing in games media! I’m a writer for Brashgames.com. I’ll be reviewing video games, writing news stories and eventually starting a podcast. You can read my review of Super Mario Run there now. Give it a read and tell me what you think. I start writing again and all of a sudden the writing just grows ten fold. It’s awesome but also extremely time consuming.

Anyway… back to the matter at hand. Boy do I have a doozy of a story to start off with.

MTV just told us why Trump won the election

MTV really put into 2016 into perspective today. When I say ‘perspective,’ I really mean “Boy, they really blame one group of people for the shit storm that was 2016.”

Before I go on.. it is important you know what I’m talking about:

MTV decided to take it upon themselves to blame white guys for 2016 and all of its atrocities. Yep… where do I even begin on this?

I know this is hard territory for a white guy such as myself to talk about because I’m ‘one of them’ but hear me out here: THIS CRAP IS WHY DONALD TRUMP GOT ELECTED AND WHY YOU PROBABLY MADE THIS VIDEO IN THE FIRST PLACE! Think back to the campaign season. There were people out there who lumped Trump voters into what someone referred to as a “basket of deplorables.” Yes, she (Hillary Clinton) said that it was only half of Trump supporters but people were quick to jump on it and wear the badge with honor. People continued to call most Trump supporters racists, misogynist, Nazis etc. I think it goes without saying that a lot of Trump supporters do not fit that bill. There are Trump supporters who think that he will bring jumps back to rural areas and stimulate the economy. Also, let me say that yes… there are a lot of real shitty Trump supporters out there too. The name calling fueled people to get out the vote and Trump won. Negative labels on groups of people never work and do more harm than good.

Making a video like this automatically alienates an entire group of people… a group of people that you would want to talk to in order to have a productive conversation about where our country is and where we can improve it. Yes, this video may want to think it is doing this but it is doing the opposite. Ad hominem attacks by essentially saying “you don’t know what I’m going through because you’re a white guy” is not a good start to a conversation.

All white guys are responsible for Brock Turner? What?

It also doesn’t seem to care about its own message by cracking a joke about Kanye West not being black. Beyonce can talk about black issues but Kanye can’t? In what world does that make sense? “You know what you did, Kanye.” What, meet with President-elect Trump? Is that grounds for losing your ‘black card?’

I also audibly laughed when the “some of you are fine” line was thrown in there at the end…as if it actually meant anything at that point.

I was equal parts infuriated and hysterical while I watched this. Constructive conversations need to happen in our country to bring us closer together in these divided times. Also, people replying to this tweet with death threats and racist language… no words can describe how hypocritical you are being. I know, the internet will forever be… well, the internet.

Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas– A battle not worth fighting

Ok… I say Happy Holidays a lot. Why? I know people who do not celebrate Christmas. It is that simple. Some people have a hard time wrapping their head around that.

I have family members who are ‘Merry Christmas’ folk all the way. When I say Happy Holidays to them (mostly just to trigger a response) it’s immediately met with “IT’S MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Is it though? Hanukkah actually starts on Christmas Eve this year… so what would you say to your Jewish family and friends? “Hey, screw you guys! It’s Christmas! Just bad luck for you guys to have your thing start on the eve of ours.”

Maybe I’m too PC (trust me, I’m really not) buy Happy Holidays shouldn’t trigger the people the way it does. You have Trump telling large groups of people that we are going to say “Merry Christmas again.” Again? When did it ever leave? You can celebrate Christmas and say Merry Christmas to whomever you want but when someone says “I actually celebrate Hanukkah” what would your response be?

That’s all I really wanted to say on that topic… just something that was really irking me recently. It baffles me how many people get worked up over this.

That ends the brief for today. I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow with more stuff that I’m fired up about in the world. In the mean time, let me know what you think of today’s stories? What do you think of MTV’s actions? You a Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas kind of person? Let me know!

I’ll end this with a (Christmas themed) YouTube video released last night that had me laughing pretty hard. There’s a pretty great “Hamilton” parody in there.


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